Bingham Memorial Hospital

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Thumbnail image for Bingham Memorial Hospital. Bingham Memorial Hospital, situated in the town of Matheson, services 6 communities in the Black River-Matheson Township.

Originally established in 1919 by the Rosedale Hospital Circle, the Women's Missionary Society of Toronto and the Presbyterian Church, the name of the hospital was the "Rosedale War Memorial Hospital" in honour of the men of the church

The Rosedale War Memorial Hospital was operated by the Missionary Society until 1942, at which time an Advisory Board of 3 local citizens was formed.

In 1954 a new hospital of 29 beds was constructed on the present site, through the very generous support of all the citizens, firms, and service clubs in the area. The new hospital was named after Dr. G.A. Bingham, one of Canada's outstanding physicians in the early part of the century.

The hospital was incorporated in 1955 and the Missionary Society turned over responsibility to an elected Board of Governors. The first Directors of the Corporation were: Montague Dalton Kaye, James Ross Clare, Arthur Brightwell, and William Webster Sherwin.

In 1989 the hospital underwent a major expansion and renovation project to incorporate 20 long-term care beds. This wing, known as the "Rosedale Center", was developed as part of the Elderly Capital Assistance Program beds established in Northern Ontario by the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.

Today Bingham Memorial Hospital is an acute general hospital which provides a wide range of in-patient, long term, chronic care, emergency, out-patient, and ambulatory care services. Currently the hospital is designated as having 11 Acute, 6 Complex Continuing Care and 20 Long-Term Care beds.

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